Sunday, March 30, 2008

Third Thursday at Roadhouse Cafe

Quesada Gardens Co-Founder, Annette Smith, shares her experience of Bayview at Bayview Footprints’ March "Third Thursday" event at the Road House Café.

Hosts Maya and Ivan went to great lengths to make us all feel right at home. Maya is a familiar face at the cafe, while Ivan can most often be found behind the counter at El Azteca. Both live within a block of so of the two businesses.

Bayview Footprints thanks Maya and Ivan, and Peter Gomez and his family (who own Road House and El Azteca) for opening their doors especially for us.

About 25 people from all corners of Bayview came to the event to celebrate each other and the spirit of collaboration. Emphasis was on welcoming new member groups to the Collaboration which is now 18 member groups strong.

There was no formal presentation, but informal and friendly exchanges were happening everywhere. Raleigh Harbersberger shared information about the India Basin Neighborhood Association’s effort to save a historic structure near Hunters Point. Rose Toney represented the Bayview Business Resource Center and the business support services they provide.

Heidi Hardin and Bert Bruno talked about their new Teen Drama and Set Design program at Willie Brown School. Martha Rodriguez shared information about Mexican history in the area, a piece of our cultural record that goes largely missing. Chloe Good from the Neighborhood Parks Council encouraged participation in work at Silver Terrace Playground.

Literacy for Environmental Justice came in full force - ably represented by Pam Calvert and youth members Connie Shanid and Jacquay Thomas (who were recently featured on MTV in an amazing video about their work at Candlestick Point).

Heidi took photographs for the Bayview Is… Campaign(thank you, Heidi!). Gina Fromer and Neal Hatten from the Bayview YMCA invited everyone to the “Y” to see all the positive new things going on there. Five members of the Quesada Gardens Initiative were present, including Corine and Linda Pettus, Annette Smith, and David Antunovich. James Ross (both QGI and Blue Dolphin Youth Swim Team) greeted arrivals as they walked in the door.

Maya and Ivan opened the doors and blinds for us on what was a beautiful and sunny early evening on Third Street. Whether you were there just to enjoy coffee, pastry and ambience, or to talk community-building with neighbors, this Third Thursday was a truly wonderful event.

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