Sunday, March 2, 2008

Girls Rock! in the pink

When Quesada Gardens first formed six years ago, neighbors began connecting their talents to the tasks they had set for themselves. It seemed almost fated that the block would organize, given how the range of skills matched up with our needs. One skill on the list was "documentary filmmaker."

Fast-forward to today, and that filmmaker shows up in the Pink Section of the Sunday Chronicle. A wonderful article about Shane, his co-filmmaker and old friend, Arne Johnson (who is also a frequent volunteer with Quesada Gardens), and their new film, Girls Rock! is in theaters.

All of us on Quesada know that Shane and Arne have been working incredibly hard for years, with a rare brand of commitment, to make their vision a reality. We're proud to have been part of it, if only cheering from the sidelines.

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