Saturday, December 22, 2007

New Victories on Latona

The Latona Garden, just above the Youth Center on Third Street at Thornton, emerged from the piles of garbage barely two months ago, and already the dumping of trash has zeroed out, neighbors have come together time and again to create a community space where they can grow food, and a shared optimism about the future seems to be sprouting everywhere.

A work party today unearthed new achievements:

Fennel roots, each more massive than the last, gave up the ghost.
Dome Construction on Oakdale (where Bob Grover, Mayor of Latona Street worked) made a nice cash donation to the work.
Last night's Winter Solstice attracted a spontaneous celebration in the garden that included dancing children heralding a change.
Lisa Grover, who grew up on the block, recalled playing on the lot when she was a child. She was heartened so see the space become a place for community again after such a long time being an eye-sore. While she lives in South San Francisco now, she is working with her husband to bring "home" donations of bricks for the creation of garden walkways.

The next time you want to feel better about the world, stop by the garden. You'll see why Lisa has such fond memories of this place, and an active commitment to its future.

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