Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bayview History Buffs Welcome - Thursday at 6pm

The Bayview History Preservation Project and other Bayview Footprints Collaboration groups would like to share their work with you, and to hear what you think. Meet at the Bayview Branch Library Thursday at 6pm.

The Bayview Footprints Collaboration of Community-Building Organizations is made up of grassroots groups trying to increase pride and participation in the life of the Bayview. Each group is led by residents or people with deep roots in the neighborhood. Each group is fueled mostly by volunteer and pro bono work. And each group serves our community with creativity, a positive outlook, and commitment to inclusion.

Along with the History Project, based at our branch library, Bayview Footprints partners include:

- Programs at the Opera House like the Children’s Mural Program
- The Quesada Gardens Initiative along with the Bridgeview Garden and Latona Garden groups
- The Blue Dolphin Youth Swim Team at MLK Pool

Maybe YOU are involved in a resident-led Bayview community-building group that would like to join us!

Please come on Thursday to answer the questions - What should a “Tour of the Heart of the Bayview” look like? What places in the heart of the Bayview represent important stories about the diverse cultural experiences, people and events in our community’s history and contemporary life?

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