Friday, August 24, 2007

USF Freshman Volunteer in the Bayview

Incoming students at the University of San Francisco are given the opportunity to do community work as a part of their orientation to higher education. Nearly 20 students chose to come to the Bayview Wednesday to survey residents about food preferences and to do general gardening in the Quesada Gardens Initiative's main garden.

Students surveyed at the Farmers Market, along Third Street, and at the Southeast Sector Community Facility as a part of the collaborative drive to attract good food and food retailers to the neighborhood. QGI is leading the community survey working in partnership with other community-based organizations. The Department of Public Health is leading the Southeast Sector Food Access working group as part of the Mayor's Shape Up Coalition that coordinates the overall effort.

If you haven't done the survey, it's important that you make your preferences known so that those who are working to achieve equal access to food in the area know where to put their energies.

Do the very brief survey now

Completing the survey automatically enters you in a random drawing for prizes such as:

- A $20 gift certificate to Rainbow Grocery

- A lovely potted plant from the Quesada Gardens Initiative’s main garden

- A Healthy Community Cookbook from the Good Neighbor Program and Literacy for Environmental Justice
When it comes to fresh produce and other good foods, there are too few options in our neighborhood. With resident involvement, that can change.

QGI thanks Professor Seth Wachtel and all the community-minded students at USF!

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