Friday, July 20, 2007

Do Shipyard Toxins Affect You?

It's no secret that we live in a neighborhood that includes some of the most contaminated land anywhere. But it may surprise you that dust containing harmful chemicals like asbestos is spreading across a 3-mile radius of Hunters Point Shipyards. If you live in the Bayview Hunters Point, you need to know that residents - especially children and the elderly - are reporting symptoms that mounting evidence connects to construction at the Shipyards.

If you or anyone you know shows signs of health problems associated with asbestos or other chemicals - rashes, red-eyes, lesions, nose-bleeds, diahrea, breathing problems, headaches - seek medical advice immediately.

Whatever your opinion on redevelopment, you deserve to be informed about a situation that might seriously affect you and those you love. Here's how to learn more:

Town Hall Meeting
Thursdays at 6 pm
Grace Tabernacle Community Church
1121 Oakdale Avenue

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