Tuesday, May 22, 2007

QGI Receives Prestigious Award - New Video

The Quesada Gardens Initiative was in excellent company on Saturday May 12th when it received the Crissy Field Center/Golden Gate Parks Conservancy 2007 Community Hero Award for positive impact on our community and the environment.

Now you can go to Crissy Field Center not just because it is nestled in one of the most beautiful parts of San Francisco, but because for the next year you can see lifesize photos of the award-winning groups with embedded video pieces on the various projects. It's worth the trip!

View the Video

QGI members were humbled to receive an award next to such amazing community-involved individuals, and to receive it from some of the foremost stewards of our environment. We are all grateful to the many people who made the entire award process and program such a memorable event.

The three other heroes for 2007 are:

Edward Arias, a 3rd grade teacher from Cesar Chavez Elementary school, for starting and sustaining an edible garden project at the school called "Garden Munchies."

Adopt An Alleyway Youth Project, a youth-powered program in Chinatown that has cleaned up the streets and provides tours in the neighborhood.

The Community Alliance project, where "Vero Verde" and a team of homeless residents conduct street cleaning on and near Capp Street, improving their environment and creating alliances with the neighbors on the block.
Congratulations to ALL the community-builders, especially the inspiring young people who are helping lead the way.

The Crissy Field Center is an urban environmental center that encourages new generations to become bold leaders for thriving parks, healthy communities and a more environmentally just society. The Center is partnership of the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and the National Park Service. You can check them out on the web at http://www.crissyfield.org/.

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